Dental assistant

Dental Assistant Jobs

As a dental assistant in a Heartland Dental supported office, you'll have the opportunity to balance hands-on, clinical work with learning the nuts and bolts of keeping an office running. In the clinical realm, you'll assist the supported dentists in crucial patient care duties like taking x-rays, keeping records to guarantee that nothing slips through the cracks, and scheduling appointments to help everything in the office run smoothly. Dental assistants are crucial to ensuring the practice functions as it should, and joining Heartland Dental as a dental assistant is a great way to get your career started and get a feel for the rewarding field of dentistry.

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Because you'll be joining a Heartland Dental supported office, you'll also have access to a full array of support services that Heartland Dental provides its members. You'll be able to access hundreds of hours of continuing education courses and materials, regularly receive leadership opportunities to further your professional development, and get connected with one of the largest networks of dental professionals and dentistry leaders in the country – all while building your experience in a real-world, clinical setting.

Joining Heartland Dental as a dental assistant is the perfect way to grow your career and maximize your potential – so what are you waiting for? Find a dental assistant job in a Heartland Dental supported office today!

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