What is the restricted covenant and how long does it last after you leave the company?

A supported doctor's restricted covenant is dependent on the supported office they join. If the office is located in a more rural area, they will see a higher restricted covenant. If the office is located in a more metropolitan area, the covenant would be lower. Ideally our goal is to stay consistent and offer similar restricted covenants for all supported doctors in similar areas. Typically, restricted covenants are for a two year period of time after a doctor leaves the professional corporation.

What are you looking for in a doctor?

We are looking to support doctors who are open, positive, and mentally flexible, with high integrity and focus on providing their patients the best possible care available. Additionally, we hope that each supported doctor shares a similar passion in pursuing constant and never ending improvement by participating in available continuing education opportunities.

What makes Heartland Dental different from other opportunities?

Heartland Dental is a doctor-led company who lives by their motto of being passionate, proven and professional . The organization was built by a doctor, for doctors and offers complete transparency. We support doctors with their non-clinical responsibilities, so they can focus on advancing their clinical skills and providing world-class experiences for their patients. Each year doctors have the opportunity to attend over 200 hours of continuing education, both in lecture and hands on courses.

How much autonomy do I have as a supported doctor?

Heartland Dental supported doctors have total autonomy. Each supported doctor has complete control in diagnosing and creating treatment plans for their patients. With our vast network of 900+ doctors, any need for mentoring is just a phone call away. Additionally, you'll have access to a home office support team of nearly 500 individuals for all of your non-clinical elements such as marketing, payroll and human resources. However, you always remain the decision maker of your supported office.

Do I get to decide what team members are selected for my office?

Yes, doctors are encouraged to be involved in the team member selection process for their office. We offer assistance in screening resumes and setting up the interviews in your office so you can meet and select candidates. The doctor, along with the rest of their selection team, will collaborate and select the best fit for your office.

How are supported doctors paid?

Supported doctors are paid exactly the same across the board. You are guaranteed a base salary or 25% of doctor collections (whichever is greater). Supported doctors can also earn a quarterly profitability bonus, in which anything above 16% profit is split with the doctor and their applicable professional corporation. On average, first-year supported doctors earn $164,000 annually, and third-year supported doctors earn $303,000 annually.

Do you provide malpractice insurance?

We provide malpractice insurance, but we ask supported doctors to assume the expense. We support a one million to three million occurrence policy. Our buying power affords us to pass substantial discounted premium rates to most supported doctors.

Can I transition to another office at some point?

Yes, we have supported offices across the nation, so transitions are possible. We do prefer supported doctors stay in their original location for a minimum of one year before transferring.

What will my office hours be?

Hours of operation vary by office and are generally a response to your patient demands. On average, supported doctors offer 36-40 office hours per week.

Is there an opportunity to have ownership in a supported office?

Heartland Dental's model is unique in that we want you to have ownership in the entire company, not just one location. We encourage each supported doctor to purchase stock and be an owner of our rapidly growing organization.

What is Heartland Dental? Are you a staffing agency?

Heartland Dental is a dental support organization, not a staffing agency or group practice. We alleviate the management burdens for supported offices by providing non-clinical administrative services including marketing, payroll, information technology, accounting, credentialing and more. This allows supported dentists and teams to focus more on patient care and enjoy more personal/professional balance. In addition, Heartland Dental offers world-class continuing education opportunities and the opportunity to connect with a network of successful dental professionals.

What will my office hours be?

That depends on which supported office you join. The office hours of supported locations vary in order to best accommodate the needs of their patients.

Will my training be paid?

Yes, Heartland Dental’s on-the-job training is fully paid. Since Heartland Dental was established, it has been our mission to set team members up for success. Heartland Dental supports a variety of continuing education opportunities aimed at helping you advance not only your clinical skills, but your leadership and communication skills as well. There are no out of pocket costs to attend CE opportunities and team members are paid for the time they spend attending courses.

What pay and benefits are offered?

We understand that you work hard, which is why each supported location provides an excellent compensation and benefits package. Additionally, Heartland Dental’s extensive training and continuing education opportunities are unparalleled and exceed industry norms. Each supported location invests heavily in your professional and personal growth and wants to see you succeed. Additional benefits: Medical and prescription drug insurance, free dental services for yourself and your dependents minus lab fees, vision care support, life insurance, 401(K) retirement plan, six paid holidays off, team-focused, uplifting and educational work culture, potential for two weeks of vacation available.

What types of CE classes are offered?

Heartland Dental supports a wide variety of continuing education courses. From hands-on clinical training to leadership tools, participants are offered the necessary skills to best support their patients and teams. These courses feature both renowned figures in dentistry and top business professionals. Past and recurring speakers include Dr. Gordon Christensen, Founder and CEO of 1-800 Dentist, Fred Joyal, Dr. Mike Miyasaki, Dr. Michael Koczarski, Author and Speaker, Patrick Lencioni and many others.

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