For those of you who are looking for dentist jobs, dental hygienist jobs or dental assistant jobs in Minnesota, you’re in luck! At Heartland Dental, we’re the largest dental support organization in the entire country, making us more than capable of finding you the dental career that’s perfect for you. We feature a network of over 10,000 supported team members, which ensures that we’re more than equipped with the right connections to find you the right job. Additionally, we’re always committed to providing you with all the support that you’ll need to help you thrive in your career.

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As of now, our presence in Minnesota consists of two offices (one in Minneapolis and one in Worthington), but we’re constantly growing and expanding in Minnesota. You’ll still be able to find several options for dentist jobs and dental assistant jobs in Minnesota, but we always encourage you to keep looking back to check for new offices that have joined our family here at Heartland Dental. We can’t wait to help you with your career!

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