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Internationally Trained Dentists

In a Heartland Dental supported practice, you’ll become a member of one of the largest supported networks of dentists in the United States, including many who were internationally trained. You can practice with complete clinical autonomy in some of the most desirable cities in America, supported by a network of people invested in your success.

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Practicing In The United States

Dentistry is an exciting field in the United States that’s primed for growth! While licensure to practice is granted at the state level by the state’s board of dentistry, these guiding requirements are universal.

  • Graduate from a program certified by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA)
  • Pass the Integrated National Board Dental Examination (INDBE)
  • Pass clinical examinations in the state where you will practice
  • Secure a work visa or green card. The most common visas for professionals are the H1-B, TN, and F-1 visa for students.

Support & Guidance

While Heartland Dental supported practices do not secure documents for supported doctors, our experienced team of Legal, Operations, and Employee Relations specialists are here to help you file in a legal, timely and proper way. We can help support you while you navigate the immigration requirements, so you can focus on dentistry.

Personal Story

“The Heartland Dental legal team guided me while I was filling documents for my Optional Practical Training and H-1B visa. They also counseled me when I filed for my green card. That process is still underway, and I know I can go to Heartland for legal counsel if I have any additional questions. They really help you throughout the process.”
Dr. Sanchan Bhatia, Heartland Dental Supported Doctor
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