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Dental Students

Stop worrying about what comes next and start looking forward to your future in dentistry with a Heartland Dental supported office. Our unique professional ecosystem and support model lets you blaze a pathway to success that supports your vision for your life.

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Start with a Heartland Dental Supported Office. Start Ahead.

Clinical Independence

You choose what services to offer. You make the decisions for the health and treatment of your patients. We simply provide non-clinical administrative support.

Salaries & Benefits

You’ll have a full benefits suite and opportunities to earn above average salaries from supported offices. You can pay down debt faster and build the life you want.

Room for Growth

You can pursue your professional and personal goals with continuing education courses, leadership training, and ongoing mentorship.

Heartland Supported Doctors Earn
an Average 32% on Personal Collections

With access to opportunities for industry-leading continuing education, proven systems, and a broad mentor network, you can grow to your full potential.

Base Salaries - have the security of an annual salary from your supported practice with opportunities to earn exponentially more.

Perks & Benefits - enjoy paid time off plus access to health, vision, dental, liability and other benefits

Stock Ownership Plan - unique opportunity to purchase Heartland Dental stock – and thrive with us.

Bonus Opportunities - supported offices offer a bonus structure second to none - personal collections, profit-sharing, hygiene, sign-on, referral, Doctor Mastery Program and more.

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Personal Story

There’s no need to worry about your starting point. You can walk away from dental school and start with a Heartland Dental supported office because the support is there to help you grow from wherever point you’re starting off.”
Dr. Jean Russell
Heartland Dental supported dentist
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